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Upgrade Level 2 to be eligible to withdrawal
Published on Nov 23rd, 2021 02:49 pm

Helo users,

to sustain our site, we would like to inform you that from 24-11-21 onwards, you need to upgrade your account to at least level 2 

to be eligible to withdrawal your earning with our site ( go to news section to find out the deposit methods) . After deposit, write us a message to support  to inform about your deposit amount, payment method, and transaction ID/number) 


សួស្តី  ចាប់ពី ថ្ងៃទី ២៤ ធ្នូ ២០២១  អ្នកត្រូវតែ  upgrade account ​ទៅយ៉ាងទាប level2 ដើម្បីដកប្រាក់  អាចចូលទៅ   News Section ដើម្បីមើល គណនេយ្យ  deposit ​លុយ 


Good Opportunity!
Published on Nov 11th, 2021 01:26 pm

Hello valued customers,

 hope you are doing fine, 
to deposit fund to your account, please follow this instruction
1. send fund to these account 
 Wing account  01583061 , Wan Bunna
ABA Bank Account   000359581, Wan Bunna 
Truemoney  Account   011990156  , Wan Bunna
Payeer Account   P1046203034
Perfectmoney  Account  U11800180  , Wan Bunna
Advcash Account       U706065090462  , Wan Bunna
2. send the message to support with the Payment methods you send fund from , amount, and to which username and email address
3. Fund will be added to your purchase balance within 24 h
3. fund can be used for other purposes  ( upgrade accounts, order revenue shares, buy referrals....)
4. The profit for Revenue share is up to 10% ( based on your levels and good accounts)

Investing Opportunity!
Published on Oct 18th, 2021 02:21 pm

Hello users,

Please be inform that you can request payout and deposit as usaul from 18-10-21

This website below is recommended to join to get unlimiteed freedom of income. It is a long term project



Good News !
Published on Jun 07th, 2021 10:19 pm

Dear Users,

from now onwards, we have a big sponsor of our projects (,,

it means we will pay full amount from this June 2021. The profit of this sponsor provides 50% to us 

this is the sponsor service. You can also refer friends to use our service to get referral commission too ( 10% referral commission). You can consult with admin of khbux if you want to use this service or refre friends. 

go to the site now   Bestshopk – Buy Cheap prices scripts plugin, Themes and Ptc Addons

Bestshopk – Buy Cheap prices scripts plugin, Themes and Ptc Addons


In this promotion, we offer 10% bonus for any deposit amount from 100$  , 20% from 500$


10-50% payment
Published on May 19th, 2021 09:49 am

Dear users,

 we are launching the 10-50% payment in May 2021

will be full payment ( 100%) from June 2021


Important update
Published on May 07th, 2021 09:38 am



ដើម្បីបន្តនិរន្តរភាពនៃគំរោងរបស់កម្មវិធីយើងខ្ញុំ  គណ:គ្រប់គ្រង សូមធ្វើការណែនាំដូចខាងក្រោម 

1.     ការទិញកម្រិត ( levels) ទិញនិង ជួល Referrals ( DR/RR) និង ការទិញ revenue Share តម្រូវដាក់លុយផ្ទាល់ខ្លួន  ( មិនមែនលុយដែលរកបាននោះទេ)

2.     លុយក្នុងbalance ​សម្រាប់តែដកប៉ុណ្ណោះ  មិនអាចវេរទៅ    Purchase balance ​សម្រាប់គោលបំណងផ្សេងៗឡើយ       សូមមេត្តាយោគយល់   សូមអរគុណ!

                                                         Important Update

To strengthen our projects, we, the board of management, would like to give a quick guide as below

1.     To order levels, rent referrals, buy referrals, order revenue shares need your own fund to deposit to your account to order them

2.     The fund in balance is for withdrawal purposes only , not for other purposes

3.     Thanks for understanding     sincere thanks

                                                       Khbux Team 

Must Read!!!!
Published on May 04th, 2021 10:04 pm

សួស្តី អតិថិជនទាំងអស់

ដើម្បីពង្រឹងនិរន្តភាពនៃកម្មវិធីយូរអង្វែង គណគ្រប់គ្រងនៃគំរោងសូមធ្វើការណែនាំដូចខាងក្រោម :

១. តម្រូវការដាក់ប្រាក់មុនពេលដកប្រាក់ ( ចាប់ពី 15$ ) សូមមេត្តាកុំដកប្រាក់បើលោកអ្នកមិនទាន់បានដាក់ប្រាក់ (  deposit). ​គណនេយ្យអាច  suspended 

២. ប្រាក់ចំណេញគិតត្រឹម 200% ចំពោះអ្នកប្រើប្រាស់ទូទៅ  និង 300 % ( ចំពោះអ្នកណែនាំ) ។ នៅពេលដែលលោកអ្នកដែលបានប្រាក់ចំណេញ 200%  ឬ 300% ត្រូវdeposit បន្ត 

មានប្រសិទ្ធភាពពីថ្ងៃទី ០៥ ឧសភា  ២០២១ 

សូមអរគុណ ! 

Dear valued customers,

Thsi is the quick announcement 

To strengthen and sustain our projects, we , the board of management, would like to announce as below:

1. Deposit is required ( Min 15$) . Please do not withdraw your earning bofore deposited . If you try to withdraw your fund bofore deposited, your account may be suspended

2. The total profit 200% for general users and 300% for referrers . When your profit gains 200-300% , you are required to deposit again 

Valid from 05 May 2021 

Sincere thanks!

Profit of Revenue Shares ( from 26-04-21)
Published on Apr 25th, 2021 10:19 pm

Hello users,

New update of Revenue shares profit  ( per month)

level standard + Level 1                       2 %

Level 2                                               2.4 %

L 3                                                     2.7%

L4                                                       3%

L5                                                       3.6%

L6                                                        5%

L7                                                         6%

New project has just launched
Published on Mar 16th, 2021 08:00 am

Hello users,

we have just launched a new project  , free to join

Refer friend ( 0.10$, commission from referrals made 5%)

MOre freelance jobs are waiting for you 

khbux Team

Daily posts
Published on Mar 13th, 2021 05:19 pm

Dear users,

Plesae be informed that the payment proof must be posted after receiving payment . It is fail to post your payment proof, your next payment will be delayed up to 4 weeks

The delay of deposit to activate your withdrawal may affected your account ( The Min deposit in March is 20$ , and will be 25 $ in April)


khbux Team 

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