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Started by wanbunna333 Dec 24th, 2020 at 17:27
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wanbunna333 (Admin)
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Dear valued customers,

Recently, we have detected some users fake their earnings ( some earn 20-50$ ) per day by doing the very bad hevaviour to our system

we decided to suspend their accounts and ask them to come to talk with us to provide valid reasons( most of them never appwear). Our specialists have found the issu and already have fixed it already. We have no more issue, but the problem is some of them post scam or khbux will close soon...and other bad behaviour about our site. We, the board of the platform just only clean the bad users only . For those who are honest, we bring no problem with normally and on time. We apologize for the delay of payment these days due to the observation of the issu. From today on, we process withdrawal within 48 h ( for VIP , the withdrawal process is instant)

We would like to publicly announce that our project is long-term ( never thing of stop or scam anyone) . Please check the news section daily for any update

Thanks for all to understand our work( project)

khbux team
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