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deposit required

Started by wanbunna333 Dec 02nd, 2020 at 19:52
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wanbunna333 (Admin)
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This message was sent from KH Bux Administrator
Dear all memebers of
Up to date, we received more than 6k members in more than a month -old age
to sustain our project ( it is a long-term project), we need you to deposit your own fund to activate your withdrawal as well as to help sustain our project for those who request withdrawal from 01-12-2020.
Hope you understand and cooperation
khbux team
Level 1
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Please required deposit to 5$ please
Level 1
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So many people come and 5$ deposit easily
So I request you Mr. Wan Bunna the required deposit is low to 5$
Many people asked the required 10$ deposit is high
And many people sad to read this news
Please review your rule of 10$ deposit
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